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Renowned international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is a leading voice in the fight against injustice. She joins her father-in-law, veteran journalist Nick Clooney for a rare public appearance to talk about the pressing human rights issues facing the world today.

Amal Clooney’s clients have ranged from political prisoners and ousted heads of state to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and the Republic of Armenia for whom she acted as counsel in a case before the European Court of Human Rights on the Armenian genocide. She has held a number of posts within the United Nations, including senior adviser to Kofi Annan when he served as the UN Envoy on Syria. Recently she successfully represented Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who was convicted in the “Al Jazeera trial” in Egypt; former President of the Maldives Mohamed Nasheed, who was imprisoned on false terrorism charges; and award-winning Azerbaijani journalist “Khadija”, who was arrested in Baku after reporting on corruption by the Azerbaijani President.

Amal Clooney is currently counsel to Nadia Murad and other Yazidi women who have been sexually enslaved by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, working to secure accountability for the genocide committed by ISIS in national and international courts.

Over Nick Clooney’s acclaimed career in radio and television news, he has been a reporter, anchor, managing editor, and news director working for networks across the U.S. His close personal knowledge of Amal Clooney and keen understanding of her professional accomplishments, promises audiences a fascinating and informative insights into the high stakes world of international human rights.

The Belarus Free Theatre
Throughout history artists have commented on the world as they see it. Many go further and strive to actually create change. The Belarus Free Theatre is one such company, born out of protest and committed to exposing and ending the human rights abuses in their own country and elsewhere. Their production, Burning Doors is presented as part of the 2018 Luminato program because we believe in provoking civic debate about issues close to the hearts of our audiences in Toronto. Art on stage mirrors life in the streets and art as activism can and does create the will and the energy for change. Amal Clooney has said, “ISIS is a global threat requiring a global response not just on the battlefield.” Ms Clooney’s theatres are the UN and the international courts, but the Belarus Free Theatre’s stage is no less real.