Onsale Times

Fast Romantics are a Toronto-based band first formed in Calgary in 2008 by Matthew Angus and Je rey Lewis. Following some early independent released their first LP, Afterlife Blues (2013) was produced by Howard Redekopp (New Pornographers, Tegan & Sara). The album’s first single, Funeral Song, rapidly garnered an audience via heavy radio play, propelling the band into a year of consistent touring highlighted by prominent slots at Virgin Fest, SXSW and CMJ.

Despite this early success the band found themselves at a crossroads as they considered their next step, and Angus began to question the band’s direction. To this end Angus began considering bringing another songwriter into the project and contacted Kirty. This new approached yielded Julia, a track produced with Gus Van Go and Werner F (Michael Rault, Hollerado, Whitehorse) that attracted the attention of NPR, KEXP and the CBC, among others.

With Angus’ deft pop song writing drawing comparisons to Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker and Bruce Springsteen. He describes the latest release American Love, song writing process: “It started seeping into the songwriting, and now I'm not even sure how to describe it. Is it a collection of love songs about politics or is it a collection of political songs about love?”

“[Fast Romantics] punch up a new breed of New Romanticism with plenty of power pop hooks...Matthew Angus croons, lovelorn, to his heart’s desire with Jarvis Cocker-esque swagger bolstered by the band’s exalting choruses, buzzing guitar licks, chiming keys and pulsing beat.”