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The mission of Aakuluk Music is to help Nunavut musicians produce and promote their music. The label helps record, market, and distribute Inuktitut music nationally and internationally now, and for future generations of Inuit musicians. Aakuluk Music seeks to build hope through music and community, to encourage youth, and contribute to the preservation of the territory's distinct culture. The label was founded by Andrew Morrison, Nancy Mike and Steve Rigby of The Jerry Cans. Aakuluk Music’s Toronto showcase is a special edition of the Live on the Patio at Roy Thomson Hall. The event is also a kick-off for the inaugural Nunavut Music Week, which will take place in Iqaluit, September 28-30.

The Jerry Cans
The Jerry Cans create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut, and life in the Canadian Arctic. With a unique mix traditional Inuit throat singing and folk-rock sung in the Indigenous language of Inuktitut, The Jerry Cans are a distinctly Northern sound. The band is passionate about helping to preserve the Inuktitut language and are committed to challenging common misconceptions about life in the North. Their reputation for infectious, high-energy performances has audiences across the globe catching catch a glimpse of life in Arctic. The band has toured extensively, released three albums and garnered fans and media attention from around the world.

Spirited, honest, and soulful; these words come to mind when listening to the music of Riit (Rita Claire Mike-Murphy), a young Inuk performer who was born and raised in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. She is a throat singer, singer, guitarist, and accordionist. A musician from a young age, Riit was a star member and performer with the Inukshuk Drum Dancers, completed two years at Nunavut Sivuniksavut and recently learned the accordion in three weeks to perform with The Jerry Cans on tour. Riit has performed at festivals across the North and her talents have also taken her around the world, throat singing in places as far as away as Scotland and Australia. She recently started performing her original songs, which feature her unique voice and lyrics accompanied by folk guitar.

The Trade Offs
The Trade-Offs’ iconic brand of Arctic Soul is distinguished by a deep brooding voice set against a rock and roll and blues sound echoing from the depth of the Northern tundra. The band front men, Joshua Qaumariaq and Jeff Maurice supported by various musicians, including many Iqaluit-based performers. Their blend of Inuktitut and English songs sing the Arctic blues about universal themes of light and darkness and closeness and isolation. While the Trade-Offs are staples of the Iqaluit music scene, they have played across Canada, from small stages to festival main-stage performances.