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Roy Thomson Hall presents

A Wild Life

Photographer Bertie Gregory specializes in intimate shots of animals in their natural environment, whether that’s a frigid Vancouver beach or the streets of London. In fact, it’s in those spaces where nature and humanity coexist that he thrives—a result, no doubt of his teenage years chasing urban swans and pike with his camera. From upclose footage of a leopard stalking through Mumbai to evocative portraits of Vancouver’s elusive coastal wolf, he has mastered the art of capturing what binds animal and human together. In 2015, Gregory was named Scientific Exploration Society's Zenith Explorer. He was named Youth Outdoor Photographer of the Year in 2012.

“Aside from Canada's Pacific west coast, I have a fascination with urban wildlife. This came about whilst photographing peregrine falcons in London and Bristol as one of the 2020VISION Young Champions, the multimedia initiative that aims to communicate the link between human wellbeing and habitat restoration.” – Bertie Gregory