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Roy Thomson Hall presents

Influenced by their traditional Anishinabek and Onkwehonwe music, world music and a wealth of popular forms including roots, blues, jazz, folk, reggae, hip-hop and rock. Music remains the focus of Digging Roots artistic expression, growth and development, and is a means of exploring their identity as Indigenous creators and contemporary artists. They connect to a unique world view that is rooted culturally, socially and politically in their Indigenous communities.

Digging Roots utilize traditional and contemporary artistic practices, themes, traditions, forms, and are committed to and influenced by, the broad and diverse music community and creative culture that we live in. They pursue their art as a means of survival personally and culturally, as a way to know their own truth, as a way of connecting with community, as a means of resistance, as a tool of positive change, as an instrument of joy, as a way to keep tradition alive, and as a way to move forward.

"...a sultry mix of handcrafted blues shaken with other exotic spices and rich in rhythm.”


“….stylish beyond all else. … this is roots haute couture. …Raven Kanatakta and ShoShona Kish have emerged from the studio as fashion-forward songsmiths of sonic design. For The Light struts confidently with a sharp and tailored sound that embraces much more than the bluesy roots they began with.….but ShoShona and Raven step out on a bigger stage drawing in elements from further afield; at times reminicent of UK loungers like Morcheeba; other moments seem to channel the raw buzz of Lenny Kravitz with touches of Matthew Sweet’s guitar pop perfection. There’s also the lope of the reggae dropbeat; the ‘everyman music’ to the rest of the world.”