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When you think of Geena Davis it’s hard to forget the tough-girl heroine Thelma, whom she made famous in 1991's Thelma & Louise. But in real life, Geena has been on a long journey of self-discovery. After starting out as a model in her early 20s, she seemed to segue effortlessly into acting, going from playing a bit part in Tootsie to co-starring in Beetlejuice to winning an Academy Award for her role in The Accidental Tourist at age 32. Davis followed her Oscar win with Thelma & Louise and the feel-good baseball comedy A League of Their Own. Her journey also includes the great work she has done as an activist fighting for women’s rights. In 2004 she founded the Geena Davis Institute On Gender In Media and in 2015 partnered with Bentonville Film Festival Foundation that features films that support minorities and women in the cast and crew. On a personal note, Geena is married to her fourth husband, Dr. Reza Jarrahy. They have three children together; daughter Alizeh and twin sons Kian and Kaiis.