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From her earliest childhood memories of Ireland and her mother Maureen O’Sullivan, to her painful custody battle with Woody Allen, you’ll hear it all in what is nothing less than the extraordinary life of Mia Farrow. At the age of 19 she embarked on a journey that would lead her to starring roles in Peyton Place and Rosemary’s Baby; a marriage and divorce to Frank Sinatra, a spiritual trip to India with the Maharishi, the Beatles and Donavon, a marriage and divorce to Andre Previn and finally Woody Allen. But despite her struggles she has put her life on the line for the people who need it the most. In addition to her loving home where she raised 14 children (both adopted and biological) – she has advocated for those who have no voice. Mia has dedicated her life to making the world aware of the genocide in Darfur, Chad and the Central African Republic. In this special appearance, Mia Farrow will inspire us with her eloquence and honesty about her past, present and future.