Onsale Times

To engage with one of the major cultural issues of our time, the Friday, May 18, 2018 Munk Debate will move the motion: Be it resolved, what you call political correctness, I call progress.

Arguing for the resolution will be Georgetown University professor of sociology Michael Eric Dyson. Dyson has written more than a dozen books on race, culture and politics in the United States. He will be joined by Michelle Goldberg, a journalist, New York Times columnist, MSNBC commentator, and bestselling author who writes about identity, culture and politics.

Speaking against the resolution will be celebrated English actor, author and film director Stephen Fry. He will be joined by Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, author and clinical psychologist. The Spectator has called him “one of the most important thinkers to emerge on the world stage for many years.”