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Chai Lifeline Canada presents

Did you know that the magic word, “Abracadabra” comes from the Hebrew “I will create as I speak”?

Ever-evolving, magicians have advanced from pulling rabbits out of hats to truly bending our minds in the mega-event:

Masters of Illusion that will leave you screaming, “THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

Having won every major award offered within the magic community, Greg Frewin is an “Olympic Champion” of magic, having been on over 35 TV programs including NBC's World's Greatest Magic, ABC's Champions of Magic and his own three-part CBC special Magic Man: Home for the Holidays. You will not WONDER why he is the world’s top illusionist.

Michael Turco has a long history with magic, having started his career as a child and TRANSFORMING his interest into an illustrious career on the Vegas strip, including a spot as a featured performer on the CW’s television version of “Master of Illusion”.

Combining hilarious comedy and MIND-MELTING magic, Farrell Dillion will be sure to keep you entertained using his years of experience of the CW’s “Master of Illusion” and his panache for edge-of-your-seat wow’s that will keep you guessing: “did that just happen?”.

These award winning, jaw dropping, TV celebrity, "America’s Got Talent" superstars will have you gripping your seat in shock and wonder; but magic and miracles do go hand in hand.

Funds raised by this magical evening will go to care for seriously ill children and their families who need the miracle of your support. Help them believe in the impossible! Watch as the Masters of Illusion light up your night as you light up the lives of our WARRIORS who benefit from your support. Just like “Abracadabra” let’s make magic happen!