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Join us for the TSO's first Relaxed Performance, featuring dance styles from around the world! This TSO Relaxed Performance will not vary from a traditional orchestra concert programmatically, but arrangements will be made to accommodate the individual needs of people with acute sensitivities. A “quiet room" will be set aside in case the music becomes overwhelming. House lights will be set to a brighter level. There will be remarks from the stage to welcome the audience and introduce the music. Patrons are welcome to dance or move, make noise, or move to seats at the back of the hall should the music become too loud. The Relaxed Performance is approximately one hour in length with no intermission.

Relaxed performances are intended specifically to be sensitive to and welcoming of patrons who may benefit from a more relaxed environment, including, but not limited to, those on the autism spectrum, with sensory and communication disorders, or people living with learning and/or developmental delays or disabilities. There is a more casual-than-usual approach to front-of-house etiquette and we ask all audience members to be aware of people's needs to move or make noise. If you need to move around a bit, make some noise, leave the concert hall and take a break in the quiet room, you are welcome to.

The artistic excellence of the production and conductor's vision for Let's Dance remain unchanged.This exciting concert features music that will be sure to make you move to the beat! You will be dancing in your seats as you watch the amazing artistry, expression, and athleticism of dancers live on stage with the TSO. Get ready to boogie!

To order tickets for this performance by phone, please call 416-598-5099.

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